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19 July 2006 @ 09:35 pm
Boys wil be boys  
Well maybe 3 more days and we'll have an awesome pool!And someday soon a nice sidewalk! lol
Talked Trista'n for a while today, she's really excited about this trip that they are takeing,They are leaveing next sunday and going to NY and Washington DC she's really excited.Then I talked to Kevin for a bit, it's almost scary how well Kevin and I get along now! But Im glad we finaly are!I think this trip will finaly give them a chance to get to know each other. They really need that. Kevin is hopeing that it does also, I guess we'll see!
I started cleaning thruher room today, my goodness I can't believe the mess that girl makes! Man, and clothes that there is no way she could wear anymore, but yet there they are!Ashlee is spending the night tonight, she got to talk to Trista'n and just lost it, and started bawling! She really misses Trista'n too! Then Trista'n started to bawl and I just lost it! God I miss that girl!

I think Im ganna start my thoughts of the day again so Hereeeeee we go!

Thought of the Day: Be yourself......it's easier to remember your name!
At this moment I'm: tiredtired
Beats: My nephew playing his Guitar