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10 July 2006 @ 07:55 pm
On the road again  
Kevin came and picked up the girls last night, he was supposed to come next saturday, but for some effed up reason he decided to come yesterday instead,@@ Yeah ok.I had a migraine and was so damn tired that I couldn't think strait so I wasn't ganna argue with him, but he did say that We do get to have Kortne for Christmas this year. So YEAH there. The boys really miss Trista'n too! I can't believe she's only been gone today, cause I miss the hell out of her already!

And then you have the MIL drama, I still haven't gotten the nerve to talk to Allen about it yet, so wish me luck there, But Noah did ask Allen yesterday when he got home, "Are you still my Daddy" cause grandma said you weren't. And I did have to tell him what was said, and he didn't really react to awful much but to look at me and then tell Noah " WHo is your daddy" to ofcourse which he replied "You are" and it was done.

Ughhh I have MIL drama, almost as much as Shanin drama, but atleast Allen relizes the bullshit Shanin puts me thru now!
God I hate that bitch sometimes!!!
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