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22 August 2006 @ 04:09 pm
Life sucks, fighting with your husband sucks, fighting with your friends sucks, life sucks, I hate everyone and everything right now!!!!
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19 July 2006 @ 09:35 pm
Well maybe 3 more days and we'll have an awesome pool!And someday soon a nice sidewalk! lol
Talked Trista'n for a while today, she's really excited about this trip that they are takeing,They are leaveing next sunday and going to NY and Washington DC she's really excited.Then I talked to Kevin for a bit, it's almost scary how well Kevin and I get along now! But Im glad we finaly are!I think this trip will finaly give them a chance to get to know each other. They really need that. Kevin is hopeing that it does also, I guess we'll see!
I started cleaning thruher room today, my goodness I can't believe the mess that girl makes! Man, and clothes that there is no way she could wear anymore, but yet there they are!Ashlee is spending the night tonight, she got to talk to Trista'n and just lost it, and started bawling! She really misses Trista'n too! Then Trista'n started to bawl and I just lost it! God I miss that girl!

I think Im ganna start my thoughts of the day again so Hereeeeee we go!

Thought of the Day: Be yourself......it's easier to remember your name!
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Beats: My nephew playing his Guitar
15 July 2006 @ 02:48 pm
Finally got the pics back from the Camping Trip, not all but most, I'll throw a few in behind the LJ cut,

Well Trista'n has been gone a week tomm, God I miss that little girl, or not so little anymore I guess! I'll throw that pic in too! God she is turning into such a beautiful young lady! Poor Kobe started crying today out of the blue, and when I asked him what was wrong he jsut LOST IT and said "I miss Sissy" and BAWLED! I felt so bad for him, so we called sissy! She says she really misses us but that things are going well up there! Im really glad that her and Kevin are finally starteing to build a realtionship but damn I miss her!

My DARLING MIL has finally decided to make an effort with the kids I think. She called me today and asked if the boys could go to Vacation Bible school with her and Kailee. WOW there's a first! So hopefully after a yr of marriage she has finally decided to give a hoot! Grrr!

Im bored as hell, the boys are napping hummm what to do what to do?!?!

At this moment I'm: boredbored
Beats: Me against the World - Tupac
10 July 2006 @ 07:55 pm
Kevin came and picked up the girls last night, he was supposed to come next saturday, but for some effed up reason he decided to come yesterday instead,@@ Yeah ok.I had a migraine and was so damn tired that I couldn't think strait so I wasn't ganna argue with him, but he did say that We do get to have Kortne for Christmas this year. So YEAH there. The boys really miss Trista'n too! I can't believe she's only been gone today, cause I miss the hell out of her already!

And then you have the MIL drama, I still haven't gotten the nerve to talk to Allen about it yet, so wish me luck there, But Noah did ask Allen yesterday when he got home, "Are you still my Daddy" cause grandma said you weren't. And I did have to tell him what was said, and he didn't really react to awful much but to look at me and then tell Noah " WHo is your daddy" to ofcourse which he replied "You are" and it was done.

Ughhh I have MIL drama, almost as much as Shanin drama, but atleast Allen relizes the bullshit Shanin puts me thru now!
God I hate that bitch sometimes!!!
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Beats: Hells Kitchen
05 July 2006 @ 12:49 pm
Well we all survived yet another Rednack Vacation, I mean Camping Trip! lol Nae, Radek, COle, Me, Allen , Trista'n, Kobe, Noah and Kortne and then Renee's friends Shelly and Erin and Eric who will now forever be knbow as our Rusty Nail Gypsey Whore! lol Kortne had never been camping before so it was alot of fun takeing her on her first trip! We made shirts, we drank wayyyy to much, took the Dogs swimming, one on a float trip, Fireworks shows, Seat of Prielage, Dirty Chemlights, we had a good time!

I know noone else gets some of those things just laugh they are funny! lol

I did get kinda pissy with Allen, I had made plans for our ann and he didn't seem to like the idea of us spending any alone time he wanted the kids and everyone else to go floating with us, and play with the kids in the pool and do crafts with them and stuff. Which dont' get me wrong is GREAT...HOWEVER the kids are our ENTIRE life, all I asked for was 3 hours of ALONE time in 1 yr and I couldn't get that so now I'm all pissy at him about that and have decided that I will NOT ask ANYONE to watch the kids so we can have alone time again until he gets his head out of his ass and does it first! BASTARD! ughhh but that was pretty much all of it and other than that we had a good ann.
I got him Season 2 of SmallVille so now he has 1-4 he Made me a Card with the kids! lol
And the bitch is I loved that stupid little card and will cherish it for ever! Bastard, Ohhh and we tried to go golfing but the bugs were HORRID so we gave up after 2 holes but Allen PROMISED to take me here!

Now it's back home and to the Daily Grind, wish me luck! lol
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27 June 2006 @ 09:25 pm
Trista'n's team kicked ass tonight she hit a Triple would have been a Home Run but since her team was winning her coach stopped her at third, ahhh well a triple is good too!!!
The rest of my day was really shitty but I did get a new Thermastat out of it, ofcourse we went thru 3 and it took all damn day with no air it was only 81 outside....89 in my house, ughhh that sucked. I don't know I've just been in a really pissy shitty ass mood all damn day! Fuuuuckkkk offf ( in my best ICP voice)
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26 June 2006 @ 10:08 pm
Kobe's team played one heck of a game tongith.They lost by one but it was still the best game that they have played yet! Kortne and Cole have a little "crush" going on! I highlighted Kortne's hair today with Black and Red it looks fricken awesome! My ex and I are getting along great and I mailed off letters to Mo and Brad today too! Woot go me and productive good days! lol
At this moment I'm: goodgood
I lead a pretty boring life

Nae took me to get my hair cut today.I let her pick out the style I figured after all these years ( about 15 ) it was time for something new! lol It looks awesome! I really like it! I should have pictures to post tomm.
Got Kortne's hair cut too.She looks like such a little young woman now! Wow, my babies are growing up quick! Tomm I'm ganna use that color mousse on her hair and give her some red and black highlights to go with the cut and then we will try to talk her Dad into letting me highlight it permanately if she likes it that way. I think it's ganna look awesome! If Trista'n turns out half as good as Kortne has I'm definately doing something right! lol
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19 June 2006 @ 09:48 pm
Well we survived yet another KC roadtrip! lol

Trista'n slept most of the way home, Kortne and I had a blast, rained alot, I have a mud pit for a front yard, and new pool that it took us forever to set up, then the girls fell out and had to refill it, then I fell out, um the Public pool sucks, random Im's suck more, fixed that problem! Thank you Stacey I'm going to bed and endeding the random update now!!!

Miss me!

Ohhhhh I get to meet Ang, and Karl tomm!!!
Wooty woooo
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Beats: Allen playing God of War again
15 June 2006 @ 10:28 pm
Trista'n's team is now 6-0! That was an awesome game even if it was a HUGGGEEE Point spread. Trista'n stole and then slid into home, it was awesome I was so proud of her! It was a good game!

Takeing off tomm to go get Kortne, really not looking forward to the trip, but can't wait to see Kortne! I'm just not going to put up with her and Trista'n fighting this trip! I swear I'll make them fight it our physicaly if they start in this year...unless anyone else has a better idea! lol

Miss Me!
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Beats: Allen playing God of War