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15 June 2006 @ 11:02 am
Whose underwear are these...

Just let me say AOL Radio 90's ROCKS! Yes I'm effin Old, woot, I perfer to call it Experienced! lol

Trista'n softball team is now 6-0, she didn't get to pitch but she played right field for the whole game and made 2 awesome plays and got on base, I'm ganna hang up a Tire to help her learn to control her Pitches and do it well! She is ganna be awesome!

Nother gae tonight , I'll let you know how it goes

And update more later tonight,

Stacey your update isn't showing on my page go make sure you friended me, I checked mine and I did friend you...?!?

Miss Me!
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13 June 2006 @ 07:35 am
Yesterday was the day from hell! Nae and I had an argument, and I hate fighting with her! I'd rather fight with my husband that fight with my Best Friend! But it's all good now, I threw a fit, we talked and it's done now, but things are still a little tense!

Kobe's team lost their ball game so bad last night it was a damn shame! Tonight is Trista'n's first live pitch game! Trista'n is freaking out whenever she gets on the Pitchers Mound! She will pitch nothing but Strikes, and then she will get onto the mound, and freeze and throw nothing but wild pitches! Performance Anxiety?!?

Ok, well yesterday I spent all damn day haveing Glucose testing to be told what I already knew but just didn't want to accept! I'm Diabetic, but I should be able to control it with Diet for now. But I really have to watch my diet and what and how much I eat! Ughhh Oh well! Such is life right! Speaking of which I better go teach myself to eat Breakfast!
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11 June 2006 @ 12:08 pm
Well since Im done with Stacey's LJ and my web page for now, Im bored and I'm tired of cleaning sooooo ....share in my misery...

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Ok Hubby's home now ganna go watch a grown up movie while the kids are gone...No pervs not a Porno @@ ughh some people! lol
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09 June 2006 @ 07:58 am
We just got the pictures back from our Memorial Day camping trip! It was awesome we had a BLAST! The place that we went to was called Deer Run right on Current River, It was AWEOSME! Totally aimed at family's. They do alot of stuff for the kids and still let the parents have a good time also! And we even got to take ALLLLL the kids, Baliey and Precious ( Nae's dog) had a great time! Bailey loved it! And swimming in the River and everything! It was a great trip! Best one yet!!!

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