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05 July 2006 @ 12:49 pm
The Redneck Vacation  
Well we all survived yet another Rednack Vacation, I mean Camping Trip! lol Nae, Radek, COle, Me, Allen , Trista'n, Kobe, Noah and Kortne and then Renee's friends Shelly and Erin and Eric who will now forever be knbow as our Rusty Nail Gypsey Whore! lol Kortne had never been camping before so it was alot of fun takeing her on her first trip! We made shirts, we drank wayyyy to much, took the Dogs swimming, one on a float trip, Fireworks shows, Seat of Prielage, Dirty Chemlights, we had a good time!

I know noone else gets some of those things just laugh they are funny! lol

I did get kinda pissy with Allen, I had made plans for our ann and he didn't seem to like the idea of us spending any alone time he wanted the kids and everyone else to go floating with us, and play with the kids in the pool and do crafts with them and stuff. Which dont' get me wrong is GREAT...HOWEVER the kids are our ENTIRE life, all I asked for was 3 hours of ALONE time in 1 yr and I couldn't get that so now I'm all pissy at him about that and have decided that I will NOT ask ANYONE to watch the kids so we can have alone time again until he gets his head out of his ass and does it first! BASTARD! ughhh but that was pretty much all of it and other than that we had a good ann.
I got him Season 2 of SmallVille so now he has 1-4 he Made me a Card with the kids! lol
And the bitch is I loved that stupid little card and will cherish it for ever! Bastard, Ohhh and we tried to go golfing but the bugs were HORRID so we gave up after 2 holes but Allen PROMISED to take me here!

Now it's back home and to the Daily Grind, wish me luck! lol
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