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25 June 2006 @ 10:19 pm
I'm here if you need me, or even if you don't  
I lead a pretty boring life

Nae took me to get my hair cut today.I let her pick out the style I figured after all these years ( about 15 ) it was time for something new! lol It looks awesome! I really like it! I should have pictures to post tomm.
Got Kortne's hair cut too.She looks like such a little young woman now! Wow, my babies are growing up quick! Tomm I'm ganna use that color mousse on her hair and give her some red and black highlights to go with the cut and then we will try to talk her Dad into letting me highlight it permanately if she likes it that way. I think it's ganna look awesome! If Trista'n turns out half as good as Kortne has I'm definately doing something right! lol
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